Friday, May 12, 2006

Are Democrats born stupid or do they... at it their whole lives?

Ned Lamont, Connecticut Democratic primary opponent of Senator Joe Lieberman:
"You talk to striking workers at Sikorsky [a Stratford-based helicopter maker]--...and...they say, how come we can spend $250 million a day in Iraq and we can't afford health care for all of our citizens? I teach a course at Bridgeport High School about how to start your own business. You talk to the guidance counselors there, and [they] say, how come we're cutting back on sports and arts and [have] not enough money for preschool education, and yet we can afford $250 million a day in Iraq?"
OK, Ned, how about this for a revelation: How about BECAUSE we are spending $250,000,000 a day in Iraq?

Are Democrats who aspire to national office really so stupid that they can't understand that if you are spending $250,000,000 per day on one thing that that is $250,000,000 per day you don't have to spend on something else?

Apparently, since this nitwit in candidate's clothing thinks that if you can afford to spend a pile of money on something then you can afford to spend a pile on something else. If a couple can afford to spend $175,000 on a hosue, well of COURSE that means they can afford another $175,000 on a yacht. EVERYONE except a Republican knows that. Right?

Now, I have philosophical reasons for opposing either federal spending on education or on health care, but since the Democrats (and most Republicans) have no such problems let's address their own perspectives: we are already spending that money. Or are they also so ignorant that they think that spending beyond your means means that you can spend a lot more beyond your means?

What world do these idiots inhabit?

James Taranto has the story in Opinion Journal.


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