Tuesday, May 20, 2008

There will always be an England Department

More or less:
A teenager is facing prosecution for using the word "cult" to describe the Church of Scientology.

The unnamed 15-year-old was served the summons by City of London police when he took part in a peaceful demonstration opposite the London headquarters of the controversial religion...

...Demonstrators from the anti-Scientology group, Anonymous,...were banned by police from describing Scientology as a cult by police because it was "abusive and insulting".
This wouldn't have anything to do with it, of course:
The City of London police came under fire two years ago when it emerged that more than 20 officers, ranging from constable to chief superintendent, had accepted gifts worth thousands of pounds from the Church of Scientology.
Anil Dawar has the story in the Guardian.

"Bomb, bomb Denmark. Take their wives as war booty" seems to be OK*. Apparently the Scientologists' critics aren't so scary to the police as Islamists are. Or just more abusive.

*The link goes to a no longer available location. Try here.

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