Thursday, September 04, 2014

ISIS Slaughters Hundreds Of Prisoners, Obama Calls For "Better Political Inclusion"

The New York Times has video and a story on the ISIS slaughter of hundreds of bound prisoners in Tikrit:
DIWANIYA, Iraq — Ali Hussein Kadhim, an Iraqi soldier and a Shiite, was captured with hundreds of other soldiers by Sunni militants...

The militants, with the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, separated the men by sect. The Sunnis were allowed to repent for their service to the government. The Shiites were marked for death, and lined up in groups.
Then they were shot in the back of the head. At least 560 of them, possibly the claimed-by-ISIS 1700, or more.
In its campaign of blatantly sectarian- or ethnic-driven massacres like the one in Tikrit, ISIS has been tearing open Iraq’s wounds, creating a new wave of factionalism that has sent American officials scrambling to call for better political inclusion and reconciliation.
That's a joke, right? ISIS slaughters perhaps 1700 unarmed, cuffed prisoners, and President Obama calls for "better political inclusion". Obama actually thinks ISIS mass murderers should be "better included"?

Why doesn't the New York Times highlight that?

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