Tuesday, October 20, 2009

That's KMart's story, and they are...

...sticking to it.

In prepping for a planned overnite to Malaekahana Beach Park in the near future, today I checked the websites of several local big boxes for a cheapo tent with screen sides.

KMart had a couple online with attractive sales prices, but that was online. I called their Salt Lake store and asked if they had any Northwest Territory One Touch Screen House Tents in stock.

"Is that in Electronics?" I was asked.

"No, I think that would be in Outdoors."

"Oh. OK. I'll check." Soon she came back on the phone to chirpily relate that "Yes, we do have them. But we're out of them."

Next try: KMart-Nimitz. "Do you have any Northwest Territory One Touch Screen House Tents in stock?"

"I think that would be in Electronics."

"No, it's a tent. I think that would probably be in Outdoors." Didn't matter: they were out of them as well. Unless, of course, they really were keeping their tents in Electronics.

Anyway, I had one more try, the Waipahu KMart in Waikele Shopping Center.

"Do you have any Northwest Territory One Touch Screen House Tents in stock?"

This time, the clerk was quite definite. See: that's what good training does for you. You KNOW where the merch is stashed. She ever so cheerily informed me that "That is in Electronics!"

Eventually I got a clerk in Outdoors who informed me that yes indeed, they did have one, and that the price had been dropped to $29.99. I asked if they could put one on hold and was told not to bother: "We have a LOT of them." OK.

So I leaped into Old Nellie Belle and motored out to Waikele where I found that indeed they do have a lot of the Northwest Territory One Touch Screen House Tents 10 X 10 in stock. Something over 50 of them by my rough count. They are in Outdoors. They're in Automotive as well. They are darn near everywhere, but I didn't see any in Electronics.

We are now the proud possessors of a second home*, portable variety. For camping and post-hurricane shelter.

* Yes, I know this claims a different size. And the color is different. So is the structure. And the Model number. Go figure. Maybe those are available in Electronics. It's a big tent with screens, for $29.99 Enough already.

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