Tuesday, October 18, 2016

My Proposed Constitutional Amendment

Frankly, I think that high government officials who claim the right to simply 're-interpret' Constitutional provisions out of existence should get fair trials for treason, followed by imprisonment or swift and public hangings, but that is unlikely to happen. Don't like the Constitution as it stands: amend it. Don't think you can get that done? Tough beans.

I'd approve this proposed Constitutional Amendment, which I wrote:

"Any legislator voting into law a bill later found not constitutionally authorized, shall be imprisoned not less than one year, nor more than five. Any legislator voting in favor of a law later found to be Constitutionally prohibited shall be imprisoned for not less than five years nor more than twenty. Any executive signing into law any such bill shall suffer the same penalty. (Hi, George Bush of McCain-Feingold) Sentences for multiple offenses shall run consecutively. These penalties shall apply to federal, state, county and municipal legislators and executives. Violators shall be exempt from pardon.

A defense against the charge of assault or murder of a public official shall consist of proof the legislator or executive voted for or signed into law a Constitutionally prohibited bill."
Put THAT into the Constitution and the SOBs will pay attention to their responsibilities. No personal costs: No respect. Would it paralyze the governments at every level? I hope so: that is it's purpose. Don't worry: you know what chance of passage it has.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

"ALUMNI DIRT": A Commencement Speech I'd Like To Hear

“Me? Speak at Commencement? No. Impossible.”

“But why not?”

“I might say something funny. Someone might enjoy it. Completely out of line for a Commencement speech.”

“Bosh. Don’t worry. There isn’t a funny bone in you.”

There was more to the conversation, but you get the gist. In a fit of submission, I submitted. It was a ghastly mistake. At least the school said so when they tracked me down afterwards.

In any case, the moment finally arrived. I sauntered gamely to the lectern.

“Students, Parents, Grandparents, Faculty and Administrators, Trustees, Homeless Seeking a Glass of Free Punch,

I have been tasked with the responsibility of boring you all into slack jawed stupors for half an hour or so, and I shall do my best.

When, many years ago, I was badgered into volunteering here on a project to frame mouldering old pictures from the school archives so that the then current crop of promising young scholars could see they actually had predecessors who looked just like them, I commented to my overseer that the school newsletter was sorely lacking in anything worth rea...I mean: Pizzazz. It lacked Pizzazz.

It’s all very well to brag about how many were National Merit Scholars, which team had trounced all others in state competition, to which colleges and universities the graduates were fleeing, who had ponied up for the Alumni Fund and how much, but where was the single thing to which every jaded reader would first turn before all others?

No, not a faculty center-fold. Good grief: Get your minds out of the gutter.

However, since we are already speaking of the gutter, the newsletter really would be perked up with a column called something like “Alumni Dirt”.

What reader could possibly resist the latest on who has been indicted, the salacious details of truly sordid divorces, horrific revelations at trials, and which classmate was incarcerated where?

Imagine if Lizzy, your dear friend of Sophomore year, had achieved international prominence in the serial ax murder industry. Wouldn’t you want to know? For a modest fee, she might consult.

Everyone wondered why her junior year boyfriend hadn't come to the 5th Reunion pig roast she threw at her parents' lake house, until it came out in her trial that, in fact, he had.

And the poor country club. What were they supposed to do with the FBI digging up all the sand traps for numbers 3 through seven? I mean, people had standing reservations for tee times.

Suppose Lizzy was now doing thirty years to life in Sing-Sing. Why, simple alumni solidarity would dictate you drop Lizzy a note now and then. Once every five years or so seems about right: She isn’t going anywhere.

Lizzy always was suspiciously chirpy. Anyone that cheerful has to be an ax murderer. Or will be. You chirpy types: You know who you are.

Say your old friend Moxy who you used to double date with, has brought down the family bank with unauthorized trades, and all she got out of it was a measly $25,000,000 buyout. Wouldn’t you want to know so you could send a sympathy card to her at that absolute hovel she is reduced to in Cannes?

What about your sister’s boyfriend senior year. Is Interpol still looking for him? How much is the reward? Who would have imagined he was going to put a real blade in the guillotine he built in Shop class and go all French Revolution on those smelly community organizers? He certainly had them fooled.

And his sister, Sukie! Who else, I mean really, who else but Sukie would have taken some banged up beer kegs from that pick up bar she bought and turned them into an Iron Maiden? I guess she didn't actually like pick up artists, did she? She took enough of them home, though, according to the prosecutor.

Such is the news which stirs alumni souls.

At this point, our beloved alma mater apparently doesn’t even track, much less report, the most interesting alumni dirt. Why, I had to find out for myself that a classmate’s wife had quote “a really unusual legal situation, and spent the entire first year we were married in jail.” Unquote.

Now that is the sort of stuff to which readers would turn, especially if told that my classmate had managed to keep his mother in the dark about it. She apparently wondered aloud just why his dear wife was never home whenever MaMah called during that first year, but apparently accepted that Snookums was working late, meditating, at book club, or jogging with the goldfish.

As you go forth into the world, stalwart, proud, and bold, please don’t keep all the most interesting stuff to yourself. If you can’t say anything nice about anybody, write it down and send it to us.

Especially if they are our distinguished alumni.

Thank you.

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Saturday, October 08, 2016

Donald Trump' Unredeemable Deplorables Are Getting Very, Very Angry

Wrong. Wrong. Wrong: ""The emergence of Donald Trump as a political force reflects a mood of growing discontent about immigration, globalization and the distribution of wealth," write analysts at Fathom Consulting".

Trump support is about discontent with illegal immigrants, illegal immigrants getting massive subsidies with taxpayers' tax money, illegal immigrants undercutting wages commanded by legal immigrants and low/no skilled Americans alike, a perception that our leaders sold out entire workforces with trade deals designed to pour money into the correct people's undeserving pockets, and political direction of wealth to the correct people ie big political donors at the expense of the people who have earned that money in the marketplace.

Can't sell your obviously superior product for $35 because your century old competitors sell their inferior product for 86 cents? Get the federal government to ban your competitors' products. Trump support is a result of the politicization of every aspect of life by Republicans and Democrats alike: Refuse a cake order at your baker: Face bankruptcy. Refuse a photography job? Bankruptcy. Believe that people with two X chromosomes are female and people with a Y chromosome are male? The federal government is coming for you just as they have already come for others. You will submit to the dictates of your obvious superiors or be bankrupted and jailed because you are too stupid, ignorant, and smelly to be allowed to run your own lives, peasants.

THAT is why Trump has supporters, and if "analysts" are so removed from reality that they blame racism, sexism, and xenophobia for resentment at being bullied and fleeced by sniggering elites, we shall continue seeing more of the same until some non-trivial part of the people who own 300,000,000 guns may just decide that since the elites have openly torn up the social contract, that contract no longer applies to them either.

Like the peasants or despise them, Americans have spent the last decade arming like it is 1775, and if one thing is clear, they hold both major political parties in the same contempt in which the parties hold them.

A Trump presidency would likely be disastrous, but a Clinton presidency might just bring on an armed revolt. No one in their right mind should look forward to that, but from the sounds of the blithering 'analysts' they don't understand just what thin ice they are dancing on, because they don't even understand they are on ice.

Enormous numbers of people have been screwed by Republican and Democratic Party politicians alike, and Hillary Clinton's response is to call them deplorable and unredeemable. The Republicans and Democrats alike agree with her, and that should be a scary thing indeed because the unredeemable deplorables are getting very, very angry with sniggering elites, and they are very, very heavily armed.

Hold the unredeemable deplorables in all the contempt you like, but understand that when enough of them decide that politicians are too corrupt to be removed by the peaceful political process, there are 300,000,000 guns with which to do the job, and that can only end in calamity for all of us. Piss in an armed mob's face at your own sniggering risk.

PS: Agree with this ICE official or not, you ought to be able to recognize why such information angers the peasants.

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Thursday, August 04, 2016

"...the Constitution bull shit."

Excerpts from a 'conversation' I had two or three weeks ago with an East Coast gun dealer & duck hunter who supported a MoveOn.org petition to ban 'assault rifles'. I had responded with FBI statistics showing a 5 year average of 306 people per year being murdered with all rifles together (there is no data on how many are murdered with assault rifles). I provided a link to the FBI data, and said that there are several million ARs in the country, virtually none are used in crime, and they have many other uses, including target shooting, plinking, home and business defense, and hunting.

Gun Store Owner: I am going to keep this simple. If you need an assault weapon to hunt, you should stop now. I collect, shoot and hunt with guns, but I'm not going to war. ...Finally, get off the Constitution bull shit. That's the grand right wing cover story for "I'll do what I want."

Me: Thanks for coming out of the closet.... 'the Constitution bull shit" : spoken like a true modern Democrat. ...Thanks again for declaring your position on constitutionally empowered and limited government.

Gun Store Owner: I've been out of the closet for a long time just waiting for people like you to show your vast ignorance. Hide behind your guns and call for your Constitutional rights. You are definitely from fairy tale land. And I'm glad you're voting for Trump (I had never mentioned Trump.); I'm sure you would have voted for Hitler and more law and order. Why don't you just start shooting now. You're clearly salivating over the use of an assault weapon.

Me:Speaking of ignorance, though, Hitler was in fact a socialist who was fervently in favor of prohibiting gun ownership by the Politically Incorrect. Apparently you missed those points in history class, as well as the results for the Politically incorrect who submitted loyally to the laws. Since Hitler was a man of the Left, his politics, genocide aside, were entirely in tune with those of today's Democrats. I am libertarian, so don't try tarring me with fondness for your ideological brothers: the German, Italian, and Spanish fascists of the 1920-1945 period were on your side of the ledger, not on the side of liberty. Since you seem to have the sense not to revere the more extreme members of your side, perhaps you would trouble to explain why you believe that their ideological descendants should have all the assault rifles, while the populace should be imprisoned for having any. If you think a President Trump would be in Hitler's camp, why do you want the Fed's and cops to be the only people with ARs? "Trump= Hitler/Only government should have ARs" is a strange pairing to me.

Gun Store Owner: You clearly don't know the difference between Socialism and Hitler's "National Socialism." You missed that class. Still salivating? Oh, and "Libertarian" means you can vote for Trump but not declare allegiance. We're done here.

So, if one disagrees with the pro-ban crowd, one is not merely a Trump supporter but a Hitler supporter who salivates at the idea of shooting people. This from a gun dealer/duck hunter.

Of course, duck hunters have something of a reputation for having no respect for other gun owners' rights. I was a bit taken aback by a gun dealer referring to the Constitution as 'bull shit', though.

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Saturday, June 18, 2016

Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate

Once upon a time I accepted that, as Barack Obama's supporters claimed, he was exceptionally bright, highly educated, highly informed, and that I merely disagreed to a polar degree with almost everything he said.

Given that I still accept he is bright, highly educated, and well-informed, I cannot cut him any slack for being stupid or ignorant, but given his actions over more than 7 years, I now accept that he is and always has been working for the other side.

Red Diaper Baby? Yes.
Had a Communist Party of Hawaii mentor in high school? Yes.
Introduced to the political community by bomb building revolutionary communists? Yes.
Spent 20 years in the church of a man who shouts "God DAMN America"? Yes.
Describes his grandmother as "a typical white person"? Yes.
Before he has any reliable information, claims "The police acted stupidly"? Yes.
Told all American entrepreneurs: "You didn't build that"? Yes.
Suggested we would be a better country if Henry Ford through Bill Gates had quit work when they had amassed several million dollars, and devoted their lives to community organizing? Yes.
Turned Iraq over to ISIS? Yes.
Allowed ISIS to take over large swaths of Syria and Libya? Yes.
Allowed ISIS to capture enormous quantities of US military gear? Yes.
Condemns Christians for the Crusades? Yes.
Demands we allow ever more Muslims into the country? Yes.
Sent guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, some at taxpayer expense? Yes.
Turned over $150 billion to the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism? Yes.
Looks at Muslim Supremacist slaughter across the country and demands we disarm all potential victims? Yes.

What does it take to break through our denial of what the man is: An anti-American, pro-Islamist, Manchurian Candidate?

Barack Obama is working for the other side.

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Friday, May 13, 2016

The Clinton Foundation: Efficient Spender, but Maybe Corrupt Fund Raiser?

According to this article, the Clinton Foundation operates pretty efficiently as a charity.

Buried is this, though, which is a different matter, of course:
It’s true, as Willis said, that Charity Navigator put the Clinton Foundation on its “watch list,” but not because of concerns about insufficient funds going toward charity. Mainly, it was put on the watch list due to questions raised in the media about foreign donations to the foundation and the potential for quid pro quo when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
In any case, it makes some useful points about how the Foundation operates, raising doubts about some of the accusations made by critics. They may be spending wisely and efficiently, but raising some of their money corruptly. Or not.

The question of influence peddling will expand exponentially if Hillary Clinton becomes President.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Presidential Election

I still haven't decided who to vote for.

I was planning on a syphilitic goat, but it occurred to me that drafting Nicolas Maduro might get things over sooner: No toilet paper, no refrigerators working because there is power only two days a week, but that is OK because there is no food to put in them, raids and trashing of newspaper offices, and even the fleets of 747s flying in inflationary currency from Europe have stopped because the printers don't trust Maduro to pay them with REAL money.

I grant that Hillary would make a decent stand in for either, especially now that she has actually gone on record explicitly calling for a constitutional amendment to allow prosecuting people who criticize politicians.

On the other hand, there is no reason in Hawaii to vote: The Democrat will win.

Worst political class since 1855, and we know where that took us.

I am a little surprised that even with Sanders' and Trump's popularity, the leaders in both parties seem utterly unaware of just how incredibly angry average people are with them. Given the level of political education in US high schools and colleges, I have ever less trouble believing we will eventually respond to overweening politicians and their bureaucrats with an even more totalitarian leader. No matter how incompetent, no matter how corrupt politicians and their acolytes prove themselves to be, the public response is to demand they have ever more power to abuse.

Hillary will probably win, she may get her amendment, then the incumbent politicians will set up criteria for deciding which groups are 'legitimate' news organizations exempt from the ban on criticizing incumbent politicians, and all which apply for that exemption will be scrutinized for political subservience. Those like the Tea Party will be denied news licenses, and if any accidentally receive one, it can be revoked.

Just like any proper banana republic.

Saludad a nuestro Líder Suprema!

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