Friday, May 13, 2016

The Clinton Foundation: Efficient Spender, but Maybe Corrupt Fund Raiser?

According to this article, the Clinton Foundation operates pretty efficiently as a charity.

Buried is this, though, which is a different matter, of course:
It’s true, as Willis said, that Charity Navigator put the Clinton Foundation on its “watch list,” but not because of concerns about insufficient funds going toward charity. Mainly, it was put on the watch list due to questions raised in the media about foreign donations to the foundation and the potential for quid pro quo when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
In any case, it makes some useful points about how the Foundation operates, raising doubts about some of the accusations made by critics. They may be spending wisely and efficiently, but raising some of their money corruptly. Or not.

The question of influence peddling will expand exponentially if Hillary Clinton becomes President.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

The Presidential Election

I still haven't decided who to vote for.

I was planning on a syphilitic goat, but it occurred to me that drafting Nicolas Maduro might get things over sooner: No toilet paper, no refrigerators working because there is power only two day a week, but that is OK because there is no food to put in them, raids and trashing of newspaper offices, and even the fleets of 747s flying in inflationary currency from Europe have stopped because the printers don't trust Maduro to pay them with REAL money.

I grant that Hillary would make a decent stand in for either, especially now that she has actually gone on record explicitly calling for a constitutional amendment to allow prosecuting people who criticize politicians.

On the other hand, there is no reason in Hawaii to vote: The Democrat will win.

Best political class since 1855, and we know where that took us.

I am a little surprised that even with Sanders' and Trump's popularity, the leaders in both parties seem utterly unaware of just how incredibly angry average people are with them. Given the level of political education in US high schools and colleges, I have ever less trouble believing we will eventually respond to overweening politicians and their bureaucrats with an even more totalitarian leader. No matter how incompetent, no matter how corrupt politicians and their acolytes prove themselves to be, the public response is to demand they have ever more power to abuse.

Hillary will probably win, she may get her amendment, then the incumbent politicians will set up criteria for deciding which groups are 'legitimate' news organizations exempt from the ban on criticizing incumbent politicians, and all which apply for that exemption will be scrutinized for political subservience. Those like the Tea Party will be denied news licenses, and if any accidentally receive one, it can be revoked.

Just like any proper banana republic.

Saludad a nuestro Líder Suprema!

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Friday, April 29, 2016

The Slow Overnight Collapse of Venezuela

This is the best short description I've seen recently about the industry by industry collapse of Venezuela -once the richest country in South America- into...well...collapse like tin foil hat wearing preppers worry about. It can take many years for a prosperous country to fall apart, it just looks sudden at the end. No toilet paper, refrigerators are worthless because there is electricity only two days a week, but that's really OK because there is no food to put in the non-working refrigerators.

Now they don't even have enough money to pay for printing more inflationary currency, and the foreign printing companies which were flying it in, in fleets of 747s, have stopped because Why trust Venezuela to pay the printing and shipping bills?

Between corruption and Marxism, and corrupt Marxism, and Marxist corruption, the Venezuelans have well and truly buggered each other left, right, and upside down. Right along with all the good, decent people who did NOT vote this calamity.

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Friday, April 08, 2016

Bernie Sanders' Daily News Interview

I've read several times that Bernie Sanders' Daily News interview was a disaster for Sanders. I disagree only because almost no one will read it.

Bernie Sanders' depth of ignorance on his own key issues is abyssal.

His vague responses to the questions about the banking industry are downright Trumpian: We will hire the best people to figure that out. The banks must have broken laws, I have no idea which laws they broke but they must have broken them. I know it. So we would prosecute them. And break them up. I don't know how we would do that, or what they would look like afterwards, but they are destroying America so we would break them up. It's fair.

One of Bernie Sanders' points on guns, which he should know something about since it is a major issue with Democrats:

"What we do is do away with the straw man provision, where you can buy a gun legally and then sell it to somebody who's a criminal. "

This is the kind of ignorance of existing law which is worthy of a professional gun banner. It is a felony to buy a gun for the purpose of selling it to a prohibited person. If a person who is allowed to buy a gun does so for the purpose of selling or giving it to a felon, the purchase itself is not legal: It is already a felony.

So Bernie thinks that straw man purchases are legal, when they are already a federal felony. Selling it to a felon is a separate felony. The felon taking possession is a separate felony. Providing ammunition to a felon is a separate felony The felon possessing ammunition is a separate felony. Bernie, however, apparently thinks that buying guns and ammunition for the purpose of providing them to prohibited persons is perfectly legal under "the straw man provision"...and probably because of the evil influence of The Protocols of the Elders of the NRA.

If this guy's supporters stay politically engaged, I look forward to the US achieving the economic fairness and prosperity of Venezuela: No gas, no toilet paper, shutting down all businesses for a day a week because there is no electricity, bread lines, and raids on newspaper offices.

Quite lengthy, and damning if anyone reads it:

Much shorter is the paper's commentary about the interview:

"But ask him a real question? Nine times out of 10, the wind-up doll has no answer. When Sanders did occasionally muster coherent answers to questions, he was usually wrong."

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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Totally Fair Tax

In this joyous election season, I propose a Totally Fair Tax:

No matter who wins the election, anyone who votes Democrat pays a 73% flat tax, and anyone who votes Republican pays a 15% flat tax.

Let everyone put their own wallet where their ideology lies, and see what happens.

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Tuesday, January 19, 2016

There Was A Reason We Seceded From Britain...

...and there still is.

Pam Geller, if you don't recall, organized the Mohammed Cartoons show in Garland, TX, at which Muslim murderers arrived to slaughter the crowd, only to be gunned down by security.

It didn't get nearly the news play which was accorded far less important events.

Secretary of State Kerry believes mass murders by Muslims, such as in Paris, have a certain "legitimacy" because they are offended by cartoons. This, of course, may be extended to those who cut off Christians' heads and sell Christian girls into sex slavery. Christians who protest are anti-Muslim bigots.

But we already knew that.

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Tuesday, December 08, 2015

GunTV: The 24 Hour a Day Shopping Channel for Guns

Bummer: "Gun control advocates have reacted with frustration. In the climate of a deepening national divide over gun control, “this is something that’s definitely going to enrage a lot of people,” said Ladd Everitt, a spokesman for the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence."

Like maybe the haters at the New York Times?