Thursday, December 16, 2010

"to enhance national resilience"

Not a bad idea. Here's a handy-dandy 92 page US Government guide: Planning Guidance for Response to a Nuclear Detonation. It even has a two page acronym list. I don't see any listing for "Deep Kim Chee", but then that's a euphemism, not an acronym. DKC would be an excellent acronym to add to the list, though. Anyway, there was a "multiagency modeling effort" which I think is newspeak for "a government study" which came up with this:
The big surprise was how taking shelter for as little as several hours made a huge difference in survival rates.
Even just staying in your car could save hundreds of thousands of lives.
If people in Los Angeles a mile or more from ground zero of an attack took no shelter, Mr. Buddemeier said, there would be 285,000 casualties from fallout in that region.

Taking shelter in a place with minimal protection, like a car, would cut that figure to 125,000 deaths or injuries, he said. A shallow basement would further reduce it to 45,000 casualties. And the core of a big office building or an underground garage would provide the best shelter of all.

“We’d have no significant exposures,” Mr. Buddemeier told the conference, and thus virtually no casualties from fallout.
William J. Broad has the story in the New York Times.

Funny how the news media mocked the Reagan Administration when they said pretty much the same thing.



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