Monday, October 22, 2012

The Benghazi Killings

James Rosen, at The Wall Street Journal:
Assistant Secretary of State Charlene Lamb, who oversees diplomatic security, testified before the House on Oct. 10...Ms. Lamb, in her congressional testimony, said that from her command center in Washington she was able to track the lethal events of Benghazi in something akin to real time. She was in constant communication with the agent on the consulate grounds who first notified Washington that an assault—"attack, attack," the agent said—was under way. Ms. Lamb also said that the State Department was receiving a steady stream of data on the afternoon of Sept. 11 indicating that terrorism was afoot. Such admissions are what have given rise to charges of a coverup.

"Everyone had the same intelligence," Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told Fox News last week. But that also appears untrue. How information immediately made known to an assistant secretary of state could somehow be withheld for eight days from the secretary of state herself—and from our U.N. ambassador, from the director of national intelligence, from the analytic corps at the Central Intelligence Agency, from the president's chief spokesman, and from the president himself—now forms the central question in the Benghazi affair.
So how could this have been played as a protest which got out of hand?

How could anyone have thought that so few guards on a compound 100 yards by 300 yards would be adequate to protect it from an attack? They didn't even have enough people to have a guard at the gate- the first security knew there was a problem was when they heard the gate blown, and by the time they looked over at their monitor, people were already coming through.

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