Sunday, March 10, 2013

Washington County, Wisconsin, Sheriff on Citizens, Guns, and the Constitution

Sheriff Dale K. Schmidt apparently believes that the government ought to submit to the US Constitution. As he points out, that puts him on the wrong side of Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn. Good for him.

As Sheriff Schmidt wrote:
Recent comments on gun control by Milwaukee Police Chief Flynn highlight, for me, a problem with law enforcement in this country. Too often, law enforcement leaders confuse all citizens with criminals, and see themselves as “kings” of their jurisdiction instead of employees of the people...

...Law enforcement in America was never supposed to be about “ruling the people.” We are hired by “the people” to do that part of crime fighting they cannot do themselves. The citizens never gave up their protection against unlawful search of their persons, or seizure of their property, or the right to own guns and defend themselves, in that process...
Sheriff Schmidt just threw away any chance of running for mayor of anywhere on the Democratic Party ticket.

Thanks to CLK for the tip.

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