Saturday, September 07, 2013

Technosexuals, Robosexuals, & iDollators

The Atlantic Magazine has an interesting iInterview:
they don't possess any of the unpleasant qualities that organic, flesh and blood humans have. A synthetic will never lie to you, cheat on you, criticize you, or be otherwise disagreeable.
Robosexuals, iDollators, technosexuals...The world is spinning out of control. As always.
I'm not keen on taking emotional chances.
I kinda guessed that might be the case.
I thought it would be nice to get a silicone companion for Sidore, so she isn't lonely or bored whenever I'm away from home. As they're both bisexual, they get to enjoy each other on multiple levels. If anything, adding Elena to our partnership has only improved it, as we all appreciate what each other has to offer.
I...uh...yeah. Of course. Totally.
Having a synthetic in your life means that you can interact with them whenever you want to, and when you want to do something that requires solitude, you can have that as well, without being made to feel guilty about it.
Synthetic relationships: Just darn practical.
I've seen things I would never have seen were I not an iDollator.
I'll bet.
I've been...asked to speak in front of a room full of psychology students about the benefits of synthetic partners.
Not surprised. Not surprised at all.

They whole thing is here in The Atlantic.



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