Sunday, October 27, 2013


Concentration: an increasing of strength (as of a solute or a gas in a mixture) or a purifying by partial or total removal of diluents, solvents, admixed gases, extraneous material, or waste (as by evaporation or diffusion)

Infusion: a drink made by allowing something (such as tea) to stay in a liquid (such as hot water).

Solution: an act or the process by which a solid, liquid, or gaseous substance is homogeneously mixed with a liquid or sometimes a gas or solid—called also dissolution, a homogeneous mixture formed by this process

Tincture: a medicine that is made of a drug mixed with alcohol..

Decoction: the act or process of boiling usually in water so as to extract the flavor or active principle, an extract or liquid preparation obtained by decocting, a liquid preparation made by boiling a medicinal plant with water.

So, while tea is an infusion, what is coffee? Seems to me that coffee made in a French press is also an infusion, while boiling grounds in a pot makes a decoction. What about percolated coffee?

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