Monday, February 24, 2014

That Nice Mr. Roosevelt

Yet more evidence that Franklin Delano Roosevelt held the US Constitution in utter contempt:
Klass fondly recalls the day she saw Franklin Roosevelt speak from a train platform in Cedar Rapids. “I still remember the scene, the railroad car. It must’ve been an autumn afternoon, because I remember the sunlight coming through the leaves of the trees. I think I was on my father’s shoulder or standing next to him, and my dad was saying, ‘Now you can always say you have seen the President of the United States.’ Roosevelt had crutches, and he was dragging his legs to get to the edge of the platform. The Secret Service men were going through the crowd. They would take each camera, open it up, expose the film, and politely hand it back. Roosevelt didn’t want pictures of him dragging his legs.”
It's great that the treasonous son of a bitch got us through the Second World War, but that doesn't change the fact that he should have gotten a fair trial for treason, followed by a swift and public hanging. The man despised the Constitution because it didn't give him the powers he needed to control us to his satisfaction. Unwilling or unable to amend it to his likes, he packed the Supreme Court with those who would simply declare the Constitution says that which it does not. That's subversion, and subversion is treason.

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