Friday, May 16, 2014

Harry Reid: Abolish The 1st Amendment

Mr. Reid and his fellow Democrats say the government should have the ability to decide who can spend money in elections and how much they are allowed to spend. That would apply to candidates and other Americans, including the interest and pressure groups that play an increasing role in campaign advertising.
Yeah, that will give me confidence in our government.

Harry Reid should be impeached.

UPDATE: Harry Reid et al should be impeached, tried for treason, and imprisoned for life. Read this. Read as written (DUH) this would empower Congress to make it a federal felony to contribute money to Republicans, but not to Democrats. Or vice versa. As I read it, there is nothing which demands equal treatment: It empowers Congress to set limits, which might be zero. "It shall be a felony to contribute or solicit contributions to, any political candidate or party which does not adhere to the Platform of the Republican Party."

Read the sponsors of this resolution: The most despicable power freaks in the Senate.

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