Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Distribution of Federal Surplus Weapons, County By County

This is an interesting interactive graphic courtesy of the NY Times. Run the cursor over a county to find out what they have gotten from the feds recently.

I grew up in Milwaukee, so I sampled some neighboring areas:

Kenosha: Assault rifles 83
Racine: Assault Rifles 42, Grenade Launchers 2
Milwaukee: Assault Rifles 68
Mequon: Assault Rifles 32, Armored vehicle: 1
Waukesha: Assault Rifles 119, Grenade Launcher: 1
Dane (Madison): Assault Rifles 440, Grenade Launcher: 1

I guess the Mequon people must be a buncha pacifist wimps: the Authorities need only 32 assault rifles and an armored vehicle to keep them in line. Dane County, on the other hand....those frat boys will never have another water balloon fight ever again. Or else.

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