Monday, January 26, 2015

To Escape and Get Captured in LA

I just chanced on an interesting video: a 14 minute aerial clip of a guy in a stolen white cargo van, evading South LA cop cars in April, 2013.

I don't pretend to understand the LEO perspective on this pursuit- the closest car seems content to follow closely, keeping pressure on the driver, relying on other squads to get in front and stop the guy. There were a couple times it looks like they had him boxed in after collisions with civilian vehicles, but he managed to get away.

Since I don't know LA LEO policy on pursuits, I have little in the way of comment on that aspect, but the thing I take away from this is that anyone who is being attacked/pursued (lawbreaker or victim) can do a great deal by being aggressive. This guy just would not give up, even after multiple accidents, and tire strips deflating his tires. He would not let anything stop him. It seems pretty clear that if he had been an intended victim of criminals he would have escaped them, flat tires, smashed up vehicle, whatever. If he had been an innocent victim being pursued by bad guys, his attitude seems to me exemplary.



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