Friday, May 13, 2016

The Clinton Foundation: Efficient Spender, but Maybe Corrupt Fund Raiser?

According to this article, the Clinton Foundation operates pretty efficiently as a charity.

Buried is this, though, which is a different matter, of course:
It’s true, as Willis said, that Charity Navigator put the Clinton Foundation on its “watch list,” but not because of concerns about insufficient funds going toward charity. Mainly, it was put on the watch list due to questions raised in the media about foreign donations to the foundation and the potential for quid pro quo when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.
In any case, it makes some useful points about how the Foundation operates, raising doubts about some of the accusations made by critics. They may be spending wisely and efficiently, but raising some of their money corruptly. Or not.

The question of influence peddling will expand exponentially if Hillary Clinton becomes President.

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