Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Big blue "Bomb Me!" signs may go up all over Britain

This might work when you are up against normal, garden variety bad guys, but it seems like a very bad idea in an age of Islamist (and other) bombings. Let's put bullseyes on all the best stuff.

Owen Bowcott has the story in The Guardian:
Nominations for the country's most valuable cultural treasures are being sought so they can be protected by a blue shield emblem - theoretically powerful enough to ward off marauding enemies.
Powerful magic, blue shields. Much more so than green ones, you know. Well, unless you're an Islamist: Green might just do the trick with them.
Whether listing the country's most cherished institutions makes military sense in an era of terrorist atrocities may have been discussed. Perhaps the intelligence services could forward a list, with misleading addresses, to the Pakistani/Afghan border?
Yes, that might work.


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