Monday, September 19, 2005

Edvard Munch

You have to admire a guy who paints a bloody scene of Marat murdered by Charlotte Corday (Click here and scroll down), and uses himself as Marat, with his former lover as Charlotte.
In 1902, an affair he had been having for the previous four years with a well-off young woman named Tulla Larsen blew apart. Larsen wanted to marry him; being almost comically shy of marriage...Munch would not commit. She threatened to kill herself. Munch, not to be trumped, shot himself instead. But instead of blowing his head off with his pistol, he less convincingly shot off the tip of the middle finger of his left hand.
Well, it was still his blood shed. Possibly he had unaddressed issues.

The above was occasioned by an exhibit which ought to be well worth a gander if you happen to be in London this fall:
Edvard Munch By Himself is at the Royal Academy of Arts, London W1, from October 1 to December 11. Details: 020-7300 8000,
Robert Hughes has the story in the Guardian, second link above.


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