Friday, September 23, 2005

Prints of the Renaissance

Some of them are pretty neat. If you are in NYC this fall, this show is likely worth some time:
A case in point is a big woodcut, "The Large Village Fair," made in 1539 by the German engraver and miniaturist Hans Sebald Beham. This very elaborate production shows in great detail the period architecture of a small village crowded with revelers on a peasants' holiday, depicting incidents like a man vomiting after maybe too much beer and an open-air dentist treating a patient as his assistant slyly reaches into the victim's purse.
I suppose one might wonder whether the pickpocket/cutpurse was intended literally or figuratively.

Grace Glueck reviews the show in the NYTimes.
"Paper Museums: The Reproductive Print in Europe, 1500-1800" and "Room With a View: Paintings by Andrea Facco" are at the Grey Art Gallery of New York University, 100 Washington Square East, Greenwich Village, through Dec. 3.


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