Monday, March 20, 2006

As goes Yale, so goes the country?

Penraker fisks some Yale foolishness and winds up with this:
I have an idea: How about asking a NON-TALIBAN from Afghanistan to attend Yale. Couldn't you learn from them? It seems to have NEVER CROSSED HER MIND. And as for seeking the "origins of other ideologies": I can't wait for Yale to open its Department of Nazi studies.

No, it is clear: We have a generation of severely brain damaged students who can only mutter their version of "four legs good, two legs bad": It really goes no deeper than that, despite the fruity, high-stylin' language.

We now have the first generation of college students who have learned NOT to think; they don't even allow certain thoughts in their heads.

Welcome to the class of '06, the first generation educated to become drones.
I wonder why they don't give scholarships to Klanners. They have a different perspective. Can't Yalies embrace it as well? How 'bout members of The Order?

Thanks to InstaPundit for the lead.


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