Monday, April 03, 2006

The Milwaukee Art Museum re-installs Peg Bradley's Collection

It was getting a little scruffy.

I am looking forward to seeing it when I'm in Milwaukee at the end of the month. Bradley had a lot of good pieces, but the terms of her gift have required the museum to keep her collection segregated from the rest of the museum's related collection. That is a real shame. If her heirs ever allow MAM to integrate the collections, Bradley's own pieces will be seen to far better advantage.

A few years ago they did allow the museum to put all of her Georgia O'Keefes in a gallery with those given by other donors, and the result was spectactular. Time after time donors' attempts to control art museums from beyond the grave have proven to be a mistake. This was no exception, and I hope that Bradley's heirs will eventually realize that. Despite her impulse to over-control, her gift was remarkably generous. It is sad that that single mistake continues to diminish her contribution.

Mary Louise Schumacher has the story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. There is also a link toa slide show of the galleries.


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