Tuesday, April 04, 2006

They'll have to re-write the history books

Deutsche Welle has the story:
The popular garden gnome may not have originated in south Thuringia as previously believed. The latest research by German gnome historians indicates that they just may herald from a present-day Polish city instead.

The news released at the first garden gnome congress in the town of Trusetal, Thuringia shook the foundations of gnome-ology to the core.
Well, that's what earthquake insurance is for. Let's hope they had plenty.
Until now, the oldest document pointing to the birthplace of the garden gnome was an 1893 article from the Illustrirte Welt, which seemed to hint that gnome culture had its roots in Thuringia...."This new evidence doesn't say for certain whether the company from Neuwedell was also a manufacturer of garden gnomes," (Frank Ullrich) said. "We will continue our research."
Winnowing and sifting, sifting and winnowing, is the Way to Knowledge, I alwuz sez.


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