Friday, October 24, 2008

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is no such thing

The CHRC seems to be to human rights as fireman are who burn down buildings. Ezra Levant, who faces his own star chamb...uh...kangaroo proceedings...has the story in the National Post:
In Saskatchewan, the CHRC is prosecuting a former Member of Parliament for politically incorrect mail that he sent to constituents five years ago.

Jim Pankiw, an MP who served from 1997 to 2004, is on trial for sending out flyers criticizing Indian crime in Saskatchewan. If convicted, Pankiw can face massive fines. He could also face other orders, ranging from a forced apology to a lifetime ban on commenting about aboriginal issues. If Pankiw refuses to comply with such an order, he could serve time in jail.
So, Canada seems to have not merely criminalized political speech, but criminalized political speech by politicians during their own campaigns.

Remind me again, please: Just why is it we are supposed to think of Canada as a kinder, gentler place which we should -but bestially refuse to- emulate?

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