Thursday, December 04, 2008

Sometimes I'm embarrassed to have ever been a member of the ACLU

It used to be a serious organization.
Posted: Dec. 3, 2008

The American Civil Liberties Union of Wisconsin stepped up its campaign against expansion of I-94 to the Illinois state line on Wednesday by asking federal officials to investigate possible civil rights violations and stop the massive roadway reconstruction.

A complaint to the Office of Civil Rights of the Federal Highway Administration alleges several elements of the $1.9 billion project, including the widening from six lanes to eight, harms minorities and low-income groups by pulling away money that could be spent on public transportation options.
Could be spent? So, building a school in white folks county is a violation of black folks civil rights because the money COULD have been spent on black folks' schools.
Also, plans to build a full freeway interchange on Drexel Ave. and eliminate access to S. 27th St., from I-94 northbound via I-894, favor the business interests in predominantly white areas in Oak Creek and Franklin over areas with large minority and low-income populations in Milwaukee, the complaint alleges.
Well, at least it has been many, many, years since I belonged.
...The ACLU complaint seeks additional review of the impact on minorities and compliance with civil rights laws to be conducted by the separate Office for Civil Rights within the Federal Highway Administration.
Tom Held has the pathetic story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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