Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Gun Free Zones

AKA Victim Disarmament Zones:

I haven't decided if the first comment should be considered a hoot, or scary:
If all concealable and assault weapons are banned and thus no longer available for purchase in the US, then there will soon be no concealable or assault weapons for criminals to possess.
Gun free zones are just a way to authorize police to take measures to detect and prevent guns from entering particularly vulnerable areas like schools or airports. Obviously without metal detectors´╗┐ and proper surveilance (sic) the concept doesn't do anything....
I love quotes like this: They seem always to come from people who think Republicans and Nazis are one and the same. "Disarm the People! Bushitler! Bushitler! Make America safe! Take away our guns! Bushitler! Bushitler!"

They can't all be glue and paint sniffers, so where does all the brain damage come from?

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