Thursday, September 04, 2014

"De-civilization and its Discontents"

“It was fun watching the applecart being upset,” Schrader said, “but now where do we go for apples?”
I have long wondered about the reflectiveness, or lack thereof, in those old enough to have experienced the 1960s, who in their own sixties still enthusiastically say "The Sixties were f-ing GREAT, Man! We stuck it to the Man!"

Which Man was that, exactly? The President who was assassinated? The presidential candidates who were murdered? The civil rights workers, and Martin Luther King, murdered? The cities, like Oakland, which were burned down, destroying jobs and preventing others from ever being created? The Man who was killed in Vietnam, winning a war so that we could walk away from that victory in defeat? The Man who had to watch as drug abuse and drug addiction, glorified in song and sub-culture, exponentially increased in America? The Man who had to watch as bastardy exploded across the country, destroying the lives of mothers and children by the tens of millions? The Man who looked at such destructive behavior and decided we must subsidize it?

Those great 1960s?

Ed Driscoll has a short column on "De-Civilization and its Discontents" which brought that sickness to mind.

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