Thursday, November 20, 2014

Obama, Refusal to Enforce the Law, and the Long Game

J. Christian Adams :
...Obama wants millions of foreigners to remain in the United States. He told us exactly why in 2008: he aims to “fundamentally transform” America.

One way to transform America is to import populations with cultural and legal traditions foreign to American traditions. Central and South America has a cultural tradition of instability in government, of graft, corruption, and civil strife. People from those countries bring an expectation that the systems are rigged against them, because oftentimes they are.

Obama wants to transform America by transforming who Americans are.
He told us what he wanted to do. Few believed he meant it.

My inclination: The first act of the next Congress should be to impeach Obama.

Impeachment is a political, not legal, act. He needs to be removed from power as surely as Richard Nixon was, and as surely as Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his entire Supreme Court should have been.

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