Monday, November 10, 2014

"the stupidity of the American voter...was really, really critical for the thing to pass."

Thus spake Jonathan Gruber, an architect of ObamaCare.

We had to deceive the public in order to get the law enacted.

I note on Drudge today that Obama is "urging" the FCC to simply "assert" control over the Internet, no consultation with Congress, much less legislation, required. The Border Patrol appears to be disarming their agents in the guise of maikng their weapons safer, but forgetting to return them.

So tell me again: Exactly why is Obama not continuing the long standing Presidential drift toward dictatorship?

And just why shouldn't the Congress impeach him for it?

Even if they don't get a conviction, they should be making the case he is, by subverting the Constitution, committing treason. Worse case scenario is he will be tied up for the rest of his term.

Unless, of course, he sends the Secret Service to arrest his opponents. Then the Dems would have no recourse save voting for impeachment.

UPDATE: More here. We are children, who must be lied to by our Mommies and Daddies for our own good. They know what is best for us, incompetent descendants of free Americans, and we must not pretend to be able to make our own decisions, accept the consequences good and bad, and rule our own lives. We are children to be taken care of, forever.

Are we at war with Oceania today? Ah, 'tis not for us to ask, but ours to be told.

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