Sunday, September 20, 2009

Thunderbirds at Hickam Air Force Base

Yesterday Valerie and I trekked off by bus and hoof...much hoof...toward Hickam Air Force Base to see the Thunderbirds perform. Google maps were a trifle misleading, so after much hiking along the side of the highway in a generally counterclockwise direction...a fully counterclockwise direction and then fact, if it had been the horn of a mountain sheep it would have been a trophy curl... we settled on a footbridge which made a pretty good viewing platform. Fortunately we had brought water or we never would have made it to the bridge, but instead would have been one day found, dried, dessicated, nay mummified, by the side of the Interstate, possibly of interest to local archaeologists.

While we waited for the Thunderbirds to show, we sat under a nice plumeria tree and polished off most of the rest of the water. Back in shape, we clambered up the bridge in time for the fun.

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Zoom! Or something to that effect.:

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More Zoom! but in a different direction:

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Today we got up at 4:30 to help the Troop 147 Boy Scouts pass out water to the Nike 5K joggers at Kapiolani park, sauntered thru the craft fair there, then home for a nap and more Thunderbirds from the lanai:

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Then off they flew into the wild blue yonder behind the shower tree:

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