Monday, September 27, 2010

LED Lenser Flashlight

Some time back I picked up a pocket flashlight and was so favorably impressed with it that I bought another for my favorite wife.

It's an LED Lenser, distributed in the US by Coast Products of Portland: 1 LED, three AAA batteries, in a machined aluminum housing. It's extraordinarily bright and unlike most flashlights, throws an absolutely even beam when on wide angle. The only complaint I had was that the spring in the butt-mounted on/off button was a bit too weak so it would sometimes turn on in my pocket. The obvious solution is a belt sheath, especially as it is a bit big at 5 inches for a pocket in the first place.

After several months of three mornings a week use at the swap meets the on/off switch pooped out, so I took advantage of the company's lifetime warranty: For five bucks they will fix or replace any light which has failed.

Today the Post guy brought an envelope up and inside was not my great old light but a complete replacement, along with a soft nylon belt sheath and a new instruction sheet. As best I can tell it is the same model, but it is no longer listed on the company website: the 7438, tho they do have a page with the instruction manual.

The closest current model may be the 8307T, which is slightly bigger but uses one extra battery. In any case, mine is a wonderful light, and the warranty service cannot be complained about. Seems to me like an excellent product and an excellent company. Hard to beat that combination.

UPDATE: Apparently the 7438 has not been discontinued. I was just looking in the wrong section of their on-line catalog. See it here. It's quite a light for $60.



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