Saturday, October 27, 2012

Lebanon: A Civilian In A Civil War Zone

A few weeks ago The Survivalist Blog published a story of mine about my experiences in the village of Jouar El Haouz, Lebanon, during the beginning of the Lebanese Civil War in 1975.

The readers are interested in preparing for various emergency situations, including relatively short term ones like hurricanes and earthquakes, but also for far longer term collapses such as might be triggered by a major EMP attack, or a catastrophe akin to a sudden fall of the Roman Empire. I wrote with my primary audience in mind, of course.

The comments received were quite gratifying, finally amounting to 82, including my own responses. It won second place for the best article for two months, and the prize money has now been converted into an extra bag of cat food and an extra bucket of kitty litter with which to care for Sweetie and Calvin in the event of a hurricane.

If you are interested, you can read it here.

If you are interested in preparing for routine problems, the Red Cross has information. This is the page for hurricane prep.

I think the site used to be easier to navigate, certainly easier to find a list of recommended supplies. It is now far too complex for my liking. What is so difficult with having a nice big prominent icon for "Disaster Supplies"? For some unfathomable reason, at least to me, they now have a very brief list of supplies which one should have on hand before a hurricane, under a label called "Respond During". Why would anyone think to look for a prep list under what one should do DURING a hurricane?

They have a supplies calculator here, but so far as I can see no mention that one might want some way of actually cooking one's food supplies.

Here is their list for a family home kit. Still no cook stove; flashlights, but no lanterns.

FEMA has a better site but they don't seem to think a camp stove or a lantern are worth considering, either.

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