Friday, April 12, 2013

Left vs Left on Mass Shootings

How should one react if experiencing a mass shooting? My opinion is pretty standard in some quarters: If possible, counter-attack, and keep counter-attacking until one of you is immobilized. Would I have the courage to actually do that? I don't know, and hope I never find out.

Interestingly, two lefty rags, Mother Jones on the far left, and the New York Times on the less-so left, look at the same info and come up with conclusions which seem rather at variance with each other. The Times seems to accept that self-defense may sometimes be the best response. Mother mocks the idea.

The Chicago Tribune has a surveillance video of a couple men resisting a couple armed robbers. Since for practical purposes the governments of Illinois and Chicago are firmly on the side of murderers, only criminals are able to possess guns in Chicago. Hence the two victims bring a baseball bat to a gun fight. The criminal with a gun got so flustered that he shot his own fellow criminal.

Greg Pollowitz has more at National Review.

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