Sunday, November 10, 2013

Philippine Hurricane Aftermath

It's a mess over there. Here are some pictures.

According to the Daily Mail story linked above:
The Filipino government has threatened the introduction of martial law to battle looting in the wake of the super typhoon Haiyan...

Reports of lawless mobs ransacking the homes of the dead and remains of shops in Tacloban, Leyte...

Efforts by aid agencies to deliver food and water have been hampered by plagues of looters attacking emergency convoys and stealing from supply vans, the Philippine Red Cross have said. A TV station reported ATM machines have also been broken open...

Super-typhoon Haiyan struck with such force that entire villages were flattened, ships were swept inland on a sea of debris and corpses were left hanging from coconut trees after the waves receded.

Even as families began to grieve for their dead, they faced a grim battle to find shelter and forage for food and clean water amid the devastation.

Dazed survivors walked the streets ‘like zombies looking for food’ while looters rampaged through shops and mobs attacked aid trucks loaded with food, tents and water.

‘All systems, all vestiges of modern living - communications, power, water, all are down. Radios are down so there is no way to communicate with the people in a mass sort of way.’
Two of the things I take away from it are the desperate need for potable water, and the need for boots for walking and scrambling through the wreckage.

Medical supplies, gloves, chainsaws, food, security from looters.

Endless. It's hard to believe how awful it is for them today.

Is this what Oahu will be like when we get hit by a Category Four or Five hurricane? The single-wall houses which cover the ridges will be just as destroyed as those in the Philippines, as will the water distribution network.

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