Sunday, November 03, 2013

Why The ObamaCare Website Is A Disaster

The answer may be as simple as this: President Obama directed the political staff to implement a massively complex technical system.

According to Amy Goldstein and Juliet Eilperin in the Washington Post:
On one side, members of the economic team and Obama health-care adviser Zeke Emanuel lobbied for the president to appoint an outside health reform “czar” with expertise in business, insurance and technology. On the other, the president’s top health aides — who had shepherded the legislation through its tortuous path on Capitol Hill and knew its every detail — argued that they could handle the job.
“They were running the biggest start-up in the world, and they didn’t have anyone who had run a start-up, or even run a business"...there was no single administrator whose full-time job was to manage the project.
That last is truly stunning. The Washington Post must be kidding, right? A part-timer to set up the ObamaCare website?

Ah, the Republicans were the fault. So the debacle is due to the Tea Party anarchists, as Harry Reid likes to call them.

Good for them.

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