Thursday, January 23, 2014

Berkeley Left Protests Google Engineer Anthony Levandowski For Inflicting Cyber-Capitalist Utopia On Berkeley

Is the hard left all about hatred? In Berkeley they are protesting an engineer who helped develop Google's self-driving car, Google street view, and who now has the totalitarian mindset to develop condos in Berkeley.

Although, if Anthony Levandowski is trying to create his own cyber-capitalist utopia in the great city of Berkeley, he is fighting an uphill battle and may well get bloodied soon. Tolerance is only extended to those with whom the Left agrees.

How far from violence is the Left getting? And when will the UnaBomber become a Saint? Assuming that the left does not already hail him as a sainted martyr.

Developing a condominium building in Berkeley is bad because the design group "is composed of designers and builders who have created military installations, malls, and hospitals." Just as bad:
The proposed project is a testament to the arrogance, disconnection, and luxury of the ruling class. Growing their own vegetables in a rooftop garden and selling them to other wealthy people allows them, somehow, to pretend that the planet is not being ravaged by the same economy they depend on for their wealth, comfort, and safety.
Bad, bad people: growing vegetables on the roof. According to the .pdf flyer linked in the story, it gets worse. A lot worse:
As Levandowski lives his normal life, building his nuclear family, an unspeakable horror is unfolding. Everything he is building will only help this disastrous economic system continue a bit longer. The self-driving car will allow commuters to get another hour of sleep, talk on their phones in the car, and keep the economy going. In a promotional video for the Google self-driving car, a blind man is shown getting to where he needs to go with this new technology. In the video,the man decides to go to Taco Bell. In another promotional video for Google Glasses, the user is shown buying products, buying things, and then buying more stuff . At the very end of the video, the user finds his father on the floor suffering a heart attack. The user calls 911 with his Google Glasses and saves his father.
Unspeakable horror, indeed. How could these monsters be allowed to engage in "the self-indulgent individualism which masquerades as “doing your own thing.” Get an extra hour of sleep? Talk on the phone? Keep the economy going? Unspeakable! Except of course, they spoke, at least in type. As they say:
In the spirit of honoring the memories of all who died, went crazy, or disappeared on the streets of Berkeley, we wish to expose Anthony Levandowski and the evil he brings into this world.
I didn't realize that the fascist government of Berkeley had been disappearing people. Maybe they haven't. People just disappear.
The blind man buying Taco Bell and the consumer saving his dad are the heroes of this tech-utopia. The pit miners and factory workers are ignored and forgotten. As long as capitalism functions, everything it is connected to will be poisoned with its sickness. People like Levandowski are gentrifying neighborhoods, flooding the market with noxious commodities, and creating the infrastructure for an unimaginable totalitarianism. This is the evil that we stake our lives against.
This is starting to sound kinda Luddite. It sounds like the problem is not just the unspeakable horror of capitalism: advanced technology itself is evil.

As they say:
We will fight against the dominating Berkeley life style of affluence, selfishness, and social apathy - and also against the self-indulgent individualism which masquerades as “doing your own thing.”

...The time is now.
the counterforce
It seems to me that a totalitarian anti-individualist movement does not properly qualify as revolutionary, but as deeply counter-revolutionary.

Unlike 'the counterforce' folks, I guess I can tolerate a difference of opinion. Unless they get violent.


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