Friday, February 07, 2014

"The Rifleman"'s Head Count: 120 in Five Years

120, yep, 120, and you can see every one of them here. I particularly like the suicide by pitchfork death.

This is, of course, conclusive scientific evidence that you should bring a rifle to a gun fight, not a revolver.

I can see why the Hollywoodies had to take it off the air, though: Chuck Connors aka Lucas McCain aka The Rifleman never shot a gun out of a bad guy's hand, just gunned them down, and always with multiple shots to save the poor long suffering taxpayers the expense of hospitalization followed by trial and incarceration. Now THAT is social responsibility.*

He should have called that gun "Rehabilitator".

* For any of you of the Humor Impaired persuasion: The above is intended as humor. Humor is an attempt to be funny, whether one succeeds or not. I do in fact believe that it is unacceptable to shoot miscreants more than necessary to stop them doing whatever justifies shooting them at all. "The Rifleman" was a TV show. It was fiction. If you can't distinguish between real life and TV, please stop reading my blog, go away, and fling yourself into a flock of sharks engaging in a feeding frenzy.

And get a life.

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