Saturday, March 01, 2014

Movie: "Stalingrad"

Back from “Stalingrad”. I definitely don’t want anyone making one called “Milwaukee”.

Good movie, I thought the 3D didn’t add much except $4 to the ticket price, but good. Very much like “Enemy At The Gate” right down to the Krauts machine gunning the boats crossing the Volga, and the same fountain, but very interesting to see the current Russian take on the siege. After all, while we lost around 400,000 troops in the war, they lost around 25,000,000.

The opening was a little confusing as it opens up with a current earthquake (Are we in the right theater, Honey?), but then it got into the WWII story and was good, right down to a Wild West pistol shoot out on Main Street and a great bank shot off the turret of a wrecked tank. Horrific fire scene when the fuel storage tanks blow. Rotten Nazis, Heroic Proletarian Russkies, all the good schmaltzie stuff. Probably won't be out long: subtitles as it is in Russkie and Krautish.

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