Sunday, August 24, 2014

The Collapse Of Western Leadership Has Consequences

While the collapse of Western leadership around the world has major consequences, I am no longer sure that that is not exactly Barack Obama's intention.

Ask: If you were a mole in the Oval Office, determined to reduce America's, and American capitalism's, influence on world affairs, what would you have done differently since Obama took office?

Would you have engineered the survival of the Mubarak regime in Egypt? No.

Would you have supported Moammar Khadafi in Libya as a return for his ending his program to produce nuclear weapons? No.

Would you have re-evaluated the troop withdrawal from Iraq as things fell apart? No.

Would you have closed the border with Mexico to illegal invaders? No.

Would you have created a magnet for illegals by suggesting they would be given amnesty? Yes.

Would you have sent guns to the Mexican drug cartels, in some cases paying for them with taxpayer's money? Yes.

Would you publicly 'joke' in an early speech that you would sic the IRS on your political opponents? Yes.

Would you then use the IRS against political opponents, abuse upon a scale never before so grand? Yes.

Would you have denounced all criticisms of policy as racist? Yes.

When Boston police responded to a 9-1-1 call about a possible burglary in progress, and they insisted that the men found in the house provide IDs, would you announce that "the police acted stupidly"? Yes.

If your parents were Marxists, and your grandparents were Marxists, and your high school mentor was a paid employee of the Communist Party of Hawaii, and your first political fundraiser was in the home of Marxist revolutionaries who were just some people in the neighborhood who you really didn't know, and your pastor of 20 years called on God to damn America, and you had never renounced the beliefs of any of those people, would you act pretty much as Barack Obama has behaved? Possibly.

Would you in January dismiss ISIS as junior varsity, while in August consider ways to defend Chicago from them? Hmmmm.

In any case, Richard Fernandez has an interesting column over at PJ Media.

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