Thursday, September 18, 2014

Hawaii Leads The Nation With Highest Per Mile Highway Administrative Costs

Be proud, People of Hawai'i, we lead America highway overhead costs.
High administrative costs in some states could be siphoning away money for road repairs. Hawaii spent $90,000 on administrative costs for every mile of state road. Connecticut had the next highest administrative costs at $77,000 per mile. Meanwhile in Texas administration costs were less than $4,000 per mile and Kentucky spent less than $1,000 per mile on office costs, best in the nation.
You can access the whole pathetic thing here. And just to add injury to injury, our roads and highways are among the worst maintained in America as well.

The Democratic Party of Hawaii has controlled state and local government for over half a century, so Democrats own every failing of state and local government. The voters, though, continue to get all starry eyed when they they see a candidate with a "D" after his or her name, and snarl at any fiend with a "R" or "L".

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