Friday, November 21, 2014

Obama’s Executive Order On Immigration

Interesting position by Ilya Somin, a fairly libertarian prof.

My thoughts:

Anything we do to reward illegals, including creating paths to citizenship for their children brought here as children, rewards illegal behavior. This is inherently a bad thing because it makes fools of those who accept the social compact that we obey laws even when we disagree with them, and if we feel strongly enough about them, we work to change them. Until we are successful, though, we obey them. Rewarding people for breaking the law teaches the rest of us that obeying the law is for fools, and that will have very bad consequences when the masses understand that it the new American paradigm. We don't need millions more people who think the purpose of government is corruption: We have plenty such home grown already.

Rewarding illegal behavior produces more illegal behavior.

We have enough scofflaws without importing more.

We have enough unskilled laborers to drive down wages for the unskilled, and legalizing more only drives down wages of American unskilled workers.

Just because illegals want to escape crappy, statist, corrupt, poverty stricken countries does not impose any obligation on us to accept them.

I sympathize with the plight of adults who were brought here as children, and now culturally identify as Americans. Their plight though is not out fault: It is their parents' fault. Let's not kid ourselves about that: They are illegal aliens because their parent's broke the law. While legalizing those once-children's presence might be a reasonable compromise, they should never be allowed to become citizens: That would further reward their parents' illegal actions.

A country which refuses to defend its border is no country at all. I have no interest in watching the United States turn itself into Mexico or Guatemala, because they are crappy, statist, corrupt, poverty stricken countries far worse than ours.

None of the above matters in the least bit, because we are on our merry way anyway no matter what I think.

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