Thursday, January 29, 2015

Apropos Absolutely Nothing

The 1850 trial of Harvard Professor Dr. John Webster for the murder of Dr. George Parkman apparently entertained...I mean shocked, shocked the nation.

I draw two conclusions from this: Never lend large amounts of money to a professor, especially one from Harvard, and two, if you are going to kill a creditor, make darn sure you thoroughly dispose of the corpse. Webster's laxity in this is really rather shocking for a man of science. I mean really now: If one is going to dismember and immolate part of the body, get on with it. Don't dawdle: do the entire thing NOW. Don't leave bits and pieces lying around to be seen by just anyone who pokes a hole in the five course thick brick wall of your laboratory and sticks his head in. Such sloppy technique alone should have sent Webster to the gallows.

N.B.: You have to keep returning to the "Additional Topics" on the first page to read the whole sorry tale of professorial incompetence.

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