Thursday, February 12, 2015

Washington Post Expose' On Scott Walker

It's ugly, too:
...he had trouble showing up on time for French.

...his father was a Baptist minister.

...On campus (Marquette U in MKE), Walker made a close group of friends, who gathered weekly to...cook dinner on Sunday nights. They remember Walker as fun, upbeat and cautious...

...“Kind. He’s very kind,” said Mary Riordan, a friend who is now a speech pathologist. She could remember four medical emergencies in which Walker volunteered to drive her to the hospital....“Scott carried me eight blocks to his car and drove me to the hospital,” Riordan said.

...“God’s honest truth,” said Quigley, remembering the epic un-hipness of their debates. “I remember him talking about being an Eagle Scout.”

...“I thought that the guy was too nice to ever be successful in politics,” Satran said.
Vicious racist lies. All of them. I hope Walker stands up for what is good and decent and demands a retraction and an apology. Then they can all get together at his house for a Puppy Milkshake Summit.

Read the whole sorry tale here.

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