Saturday, June 18, 2016

Barack Obama: Manchurian Candidate

Once upon a time I accepted that, as Barack Obama's supporters claimed, he was exceptionally bright, highly educated, highly informed, and that I merely disagreed to a polar degree with almost everything he said.

Given that I still accept he is bright, highly educated, and well-informed, I cannot cut him any slack for being stupid or ignorant, but given his actions over more than 7 years, I now accept that he is and always has been working for the other side.

Red Diaper Baby? Yes.
Had a Communist Party of Hawaii mentor in high school? Yes.
Introduced to the political community by bomb building revolutionary communists? Yes.
Spent 20 years in the church of a man who shouts "God DAMN America"? Yes.
Describes his grandmother as "a typical white person"? Yes.
Before he has any reliable information, claims "The police acted stupidly"? Yes.
Told all American entrepreneurs: "You didn't build that"? Yes.
Suggested we would be a better country if Henry Ford through Bill Gates had quit work when they had amassed several million dollars, and devoted their lives to community organizing? Yes.
Turned Iraq over to ISIS? Yes.
Allowed ISIS to take over large swaths of Syria and Libya? Yes.
Allowed ISIS to capture enormous quantities of US military gear? Yes.
Condemns Christians for the Crusades? Yes.
Demands we allow ever more Muslims into the country? Yes.
Sent guns to the Mexican Drug Cartel, some at taxpayer expense? Yes.
Turned over $150 billion to the world's biggest sponsor of terrorism? Yes.
Looks at Muslim Supremacist slaughter across the country and demands we disarm all potential victims? Yes.

What does it take to break through our denial of what the man is: An anti-American, pro-Islamist, Manchurian Candidate?

Barack Obama is working for the other side.

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