Saturday, August 06, 2005

Pigs at the trough

Oh, excuse me, make that " the regional cultural district."

Every so-called cultural institution in southeastern Wisconsin smells free money from people who don't use those institutions. Even the cultural institutions called "golf courses."

Apparently none of them understand that free money is bad for them. Like other forms of welfare it releases them from the consequences of bad behavior. Result: More bad behavior. Free money debilitates, and the catastrophe at the Milwaukee Public Museum seems to be a catalyst for coercion of the taxpayers of five counties. Make that six counties. that seven counties.
The Housing Trust Fund Coalition, an alliance of community groups, called Tuesday for "a regional authority that can support arts, cultural groups, public parks and affordable housing needs throughout the region."
Yep: Housing is a cultural district issue.
Paul Mathews, president of the Marcus Center for the Performing Arts...said figuring out how to fund cultural institutions is paramount and authorities shouldn't spend too much time debating a cultural district's structure. He backed a 2003 task force's call for a half-cent sales tax for recreation and culture.
He would.
Greater Milwaukee Committee President Julia Taylor...did not rule out the possibility that sports teams also could be part of the cultural effort.
Well, then, I think all the pistol leagues should get regional tax support, and the taxpayers who object can sell their houses and move elsewhere if they must. Taxpayers should also support the paint-ball teams. Whether they want to or not. Actually, especially if not: if they wanted to we wouldn't have to tax them, would we?
Local golfing experts said they could see some advantages in a regional approach...
I bet they can.

Pigs everywhere, and I bet half of them are Republicans.

Larry Sandler had the story in the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel.

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