Saturday, March 18, 2006

Those pesky Iraqi documents on the web

Hiawatha Bray has an article in the Boston Globe about the recent release of captured Iraqi documents:
Joseph Shahda of Randolph earns his living as an engineer. But...(w)hen the US government on Thursday began publishing captured Iraqi government documents on the Internet, Shahda eagerly began to translate the files into English and publish them on a conservative website.
As Glen Reynolds of InstaPundit said: ''Workers control the means of production, but without all that tedious communism." Still, the interest in seeing captured documents finally translated and available in English to the public may be politically skewed:
While conservative US bloggers, and some Iraqis, are eager to translate and read the Iraq documents, some prominent liberal bloggers scoffed at the release. ''To me, this is just more evidence that the Bush administration doesn't take national security seriously," wrote Markos Moulitsas ZĂșniga, founder of the popular Daily Kos website. ''Why doesn't our government have enough translators to handle this job?"
So, anything worth doing quickly, privately, at no cost to the taxpayers, is worth doing slowly, at great expense to the taxpayers, by the governemnt. I wonder: Do such as the folks at Daily Kos have some kind of learning disability?

Despite "an Iraqi intelligence report of an interview with an Afghan informant that suggests -- but does not prove -- agents of Al Qaeda and the Taliban were active in Iraq before the Sept. 11 attacks,"
Jonathan Singer, weekend editor of the liberal site, was equally dismissive. ''The Hussein documents are not of great interest to me," said Singer, ''for the simple reason that they simply reinforce the notion that the Bush administration cherry picks intelligence to suit their needs."
Right. Anything which suggests that there was a pre-9/11 connection is a yawner. Nothing of interest here: We know that without reading any of the documents. Move along.

Thanks to InstaPundit for the lead.

UPDATE: Here's more, on Saddam's connection with Abu Sayyaf terrorists in the Philippines. But keep moving. Still nothing of interest here, Kos.


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