Monday, September 01, 2008

Up the beach without a camera

Yesterday mine spouse and I puttputted off to the North Shore for a little rest and relaxation, taking swimsuits and towels, soft drinks and hats, but no camera.

Naturally enuf, at our first beach stop we got out of the car and noticed a number of tourist types ("Salt Lake Fire Department" t-shirt) industriously photographing the surge nearly at their feet. Tourists are weird sometimes. Valerie says I am too. Anyway, we eventually noticed that there were in fact objects in the water. Self propelled objects. In fact, there were four sea turtles moseying along in the surf, occasionally flapping a flipper out of the water, or poking a head out for a languid breath of fresh air. Looked like green turtles, but I'm no expert on chelonia, or whatever they are called. Very neat tho, and I doubt that I could have gotten a decent picture even with the best of cameras, unless underwater.

On we motored, finding no place to park at beach after beach until we got to Pipeline, which had several. So, again we perambulated wai-ward, only to find a long strip of yellow barrier tape and three signs warning of seriously bad shore break, but rather small surf. Finally realized that the signs were just there to hold up the tape, and the tape was cordoning off a snoozing monk seal, so we walked on down and invaded it's privacy from an officially sanctioned distance.

We set up our seats and Valerie was off to sit in the sun and swim a bit while I sat in the shade, read the latest American Rifleman and scoped out the native fauna.

Eventually the rains hit, so we moved on to Fumi's Lunch Wagon to visit Fumi, our favorite Black Crowned Night Heron and eat plates of garlic shrimp. The shrimp were excellent as always, but Fumi seems to have been in the midst of a family reunion as there were Fumis I thru X ringing the little pond. Mostly snoozing, but now and then one would wade slowly into the shallows and snap at a minnow. Mostly they snoozed tho, so perhaps the reunion partying got a bit hearty the night before.

Good for them.



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