Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Jimmy Carter On The Charlie Hebdo Slaughter

Mr. Carter was on Jon Stewart's comedy show:
...former President Jimmy Carter asserted that the recent violence in France could be attributed to the failure to reach a solution to the Palestinian problem and the terror attacks are a reflection of and a reaction to how Arabs are treated in Israel. He also blamed unemployment in Islamic countries....

His formula, he said, is for Israel to give up the West Bank, Gaza and Jerusalem and for the Palestinians to promise Israel security.t (sic) should be noted that the terrorists who perpetrated both of the attacks had absolutely no connection with Palestinian organizations, nor did they express any outrage towards Israel.

In light of Mr. Carter’s comments, it might also be noteworthy that he turned ninety-years old last October.
Of course, Jimmy Carter also has said Hamas should be recognized as 'legitimate': :
Former president and international peace activist Jimmy Carter is urging the U.S. government to recognize Hamas as a “legitimate political actor”
Just why is such a position an obscenity? Why does his position put Jimmy Carter squarely on the side of anti-Jewish genocide? Because the genocide of the Jews is exactly the stated purpose for the existence of Hamas.

Think I'm a nut case? Of course you do. How could Hamas be in favor, much less dedicated to, genocide? How could Jimmy Carter call them 'legitimate'?

Read the Hamas Covenant, available at the web site of the Yale University Law School Library, and then tell me I'm a nut. Until you have read Hamas' founding document, which is still in effect, you might think they are legitimate.

And that is exactly what genocidal anti-Semites want you to think.

Hi, Jimmy.

PS: My comments on excerpts from the Hamas Covenant are here.

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