Monday, January 26, 2015

Preppers Are Right Wing Sickos, Of Course

Just remember: If you take admonishments of the Mayor of New York, the Governor of New York, FEMA, and others, seriously, and actually prepare for disasters, you are an unstable nut case fantasizing about shooting the neighbors.
Panic-buyers flood grocery stores and commuters are begged to stay home ahead of 'historic' blizzard that threatens to drop THREE FEET of snow on New York City and up to 57 million on East Coast
Huge lines were pictured in food stores and warnings flooded in to stay home amid snow falling at 4 inches per hour
Bill de Blasio warned New Yorkers not to 'underestimate' the storm, which could drop 36inches in places
Snowfall expected to be accompanied by hurricane-strength winds blowing at up to 65 miles per hour
New York governor Andrew Cuomo warned commuters to go home early as roads and the subway could be closed
Who would believe that a mere 57,000,000 could strip grocery shelves bare?
Many New Yorkers reacted to the predictions - which could make for the most snow in one storm since records began in 1872 - by piling into local stores to stock up on food.
Shopping with your 57,000,000 nearest and dearest friends. I think I'll pass. Shopping under pressure seems like a great way to buy too much of the wrong stuff, and too little of the right.
Shoppers were pictured lining up round the block in Manhattan just to get inside so they could grab hold of rapidly-diminishing stocks before the bad weather begins.
Warnings have also been issued around New Jersey and New England, with authorities saying inadequately prepared people could die making unnecessary journeys.
Call it Evolution in Action.

If you are interested in preserving the bloodline, see here. It's easy, it's cheap, and it sure beats slogging through the snow and slush to find one lousy loaf of pumpernickel left.

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