Wednesday, November 04, 2009


Blaming others is bad for you.
When people blame others for their mistakes, they learn less and perform worse," note the paper's co-authors, Nathanael Fast of the University of Southern California and Larissa Tiedens of Stanford University. "The problem is magnified when blame becomes embedded in the shared culture of groups and organizations."
That sounds like the entire Arab world: The Man did it to me. For "the Man", read "the Jews," of course. The Democrats are good at the blame game too, The Cult of Victimhood had robbed a couple generations of welfare recipients of the belief that they can succeed, so indeed, many don't.

Funny thing: the Cuban refugees, who really were victims of the communist revolution, were treated as potential American citizens, and then as citizens, as are their kids born here. Once we got over the mistake of letting them use the US as a staging area for attacking Cuba they got on with their lives in their new country, and became healthy, happy, productive citizens.

Contrast that with the way the Arab governments treated the Palestinians who they had encouraged to flee during the planned destruction of Israel: the refugees never became citizens of Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, or any other of the Arab countries, nor are their children or grandchildren allowed to: they all live under UN refugee passports, forever stateless. Forever used as pawns, forever told they are victims of the Jews, who are the only reason that the fourth generation lives in poverty. Or so they are told.

Imagine if we had treated the Cubans the same way.

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