Monday, October 04, 2010

"A Certain Irony"

John Hinderaker of Power Line:
(Geert) Wilders is being prosecuted for "hate speech" because he says that Islam is a violent and totalitarian political creed. At the same time, he is given police protection because radical Muslims are trying to assassinate him. Truth, apparently, is not a defense to the charges that are lodged against Wilders.
As Wilder himself said in Berlin Saturday:
I have been dragged to court because in my country freedom can no longer be fully enjoyed. Unlike America, we do not have a First Amendment which guarantees people the freedom to express their opinions and foster public debate by doing so. Unlike America, in Europe the national state, and increasingly the European Union, prescribes how citizens - including democratically elected politicians such as myself - should think and what we are allowed to say.
Funny: It sounds like the EU and Sharia have things in common.

Maybe that is why Wilders is being prosecuted for speech.

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