Thursday, October 14, 2010

House Finches

This morning there was a bunch of House Finches feeding on buds in the Chinese Mango tree in our front yard.

While my Hawaii Audubon Society "Hawaii's Birds" book describes the males as having a "red forehead, bib, and rump", it says that "some males (are) more orange or yellow." These indeed trended yellow with a distinct orangy cast. Very pretty little guys, as were the females, which lack the red/orange/yellow.

What is the proper designation for a group of House Finches? "Flock" seems too prosaic. I suggest a "development of House Finches."

While looking for pictures of House Finches, I came across this pic of a Chinese Crested Dog. Don't ask me: I have no idea why a Google Image search for "Male House Finch Hawaii" produced a Chinese Crested Dog. It just did. Google moves in strange and mysterious ways. Enjoy serendipity, Dude.

It would be interesting, though, to see a bunch of them up in the mango tree, munching on buds.



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